Your Guidebook to a Lighter, more Wonder-filled Life

A transformation-packed virtual road trip rich with horses, heart and hilarity.

Get your Guidebook to a Lighter, more Wonder-filled Life.

Did I mention that you also get a powerful technique for a happy brain and my Weekly Dose of Diva? So good!

ebook-3dThere is no better way to get to know someone then to experience their creative process and expression.

This hilarious and informative Guidebook is a wonderfully authentic piece of my expression – a view into my world and journey up until this point. It hasn’t always been an easy or particularly comfortable road to the kind of lightness and ease I’ve got going now – in fact, a lot of it was hugely challenging, filled with big “potholes”, namely anxiety, grief, blame and anger and a whole lot of self-criticism – you may recognize some of these obstacles from your unique journey.

In this Guidebook, find out how that all shifted for me, how my animals helped (and yours can too), why BodyTalk and energy medicine was the key to my particularly tricky lock, and where to start when it comes to your own road trip to a life that feels way way more alive.

It is a fun, raucous adventure in consciousness and the perfect read for an evening in the bathtub or an lazy Sunday afternoon. And really, is there anyone that couldn’t use a little more wonder and light in their life?

Plus, you’ll get a video from yours truly with a technique from the BodyTalk System that is going to make your brain happier than it’s ever been!

These days, it is easy to find ourselves in a state of overwhelm and exhaustion, which can affect our memory, ability to focus, libido, digestion and even immune function – and of course our animals. This powerful technique will help you create more focus, clarity, relaxation and passion for life all in less than 5 minutes – so good!

Plus your animals will love it. This is one of those techniques that I try to teach and show absolutely everyone who comes into my life – it really has the potential to change everything. And it’s a miracle in emergency situations. Enjoy!

And a very very special bonus! You’ll receive a five day e-course from Alexa and her furry loved ones – so perfect for any animal lover! All about what the animals in your life would tell you if they could talk. This five day adventure is rich with powerful content, inspiring videos from Alexa, audio, techniques and more. You definitely want to check this one out!

To your fabulousness,


Mini-adventure is BIG! It really brings to light our connections with animals and I loved the videos (especially the animal communication), and the stories about Diva, Parker, Kia and Dreamweaver. Alexa has brilliantly put together an all encompassing course for animal lovers and how we can be more congruent in ourselves.


Alexa’s program explores how we can foster connection with the animals in our lives in a kind and respectful way. I appreciated the explanations and theory as well as the practical tools and real life stories. It was fun and instantly applicable!

Natalie and Finley the whippet

Alexa, Kia, Parker & Diva. Your mini-adventure was more than mini. What we humans miss by not learning from our animal friends. For me the most profound effect was the horses, your explanation sounded simple, but it’s effect was the opposite. Blessings to you and your four legged family. In love and light Anne.
Anne Lamont