You are so very lovely

It’s a sparkle fest in here! On sunny days my house is literally filled with rainbow sparkles. Yes, there is my fair share of disco balls in here…because who doesn’t want a house filled with rainbow sparkles? Isn’t it funny how we tone that sort of stuff down because we don’t feel totally comfortable being “too” sparkly? For today, I give you full on permission to be get your disco ball sparkliness (is that even a word?) on. And I want to remind you just how lovely you are…

This past week was pretty darn surreal. Did you see it? The book that I contributed to, beautifully named Choosing Happiness became an international bestseller. And I became a published author (yep, that’s been a dream for a very very long time) What!?

Thank you to each of you who bought a copy – and if you are still wanting to dive into this beautiful book here’s the link to order yours. And I’ve got copies for sale here too!

Last week was all about vulnerability and expansion. The day before the book launched I was cracking open – in real time it looked very very messy. Diaphragmatic sobbing, snot, a puddle of emotion. Perhaps you know the feeling. I tried to put a finger on it, analyze for a few moments and your know what I realized? That there’s nothing to figure out. Something was rising up to pass. I was at a major glass ceiling and breaking on through. Always a little uncomfortable at a growth edge. That moment before your super authentic and vulnerable story (which I still can’t read without crying) finds its way into the hands of thousands is a pretty big stuff.

The edge of vulnerability. A wild and wooly place. A beautiful, profound space. This is a great place to hang out – not all the time, but definitely some of it. Be gentle here…this is a universal fear – the fear of both the unknown and exposure – being naked and being terrified of attack in that place of opening up. We put all our armour down and trust ourselves. Trust ourselves. And it takes a shitload of courage.

And yet, when we go there life changes. We relax, we unwind, we open to more. Our heart gets more say, the reptilian brain gets less. We thrive more and more and more. Our digestive and immune systems love us for it.

You are so so lovely. And that’s how we trust ourselves. Because we trust that at the very essence and centre of our being is goodness. We trust that deep down there is loveliness – because that’s what there is. And so often we’re told the opposite – our conditioning is that the middle of the tootsie-pop is absolutely rotten. And I’m just here to reflect to you that that is a big crazy pile of bullshit.

You are lovely. So lovely. At the centre of the tootsie roll is love. Trust it. Punishment and judgement is not waiting for you around the corner. Truth. You are amazing – beyond the beyond. And if this needs a little help sinking in – then write it on many posties, write it on that sweet body of yours, get a BodyTalk session, look in the mirror and compliment you on all of that goodness looking back at you. From that deep and true essence of goodness.

10996366_10155303334880691_6913992579834547364_nThis week (on Valentine’s Day) my dear friend Celeste gave me this gorgeous sacred medicine heart (check out the pic above and here’s her etsy page if you would love one!) and yesterday I activated the crystals inside with a deep and pure self-love. So much love heading not only out but in. Now I don’t want to take it off! Oh so yummy.

So this week, how can you unwind into your own goodness? Where is relaxation possible by trusting yourself more and more? Where can you stretch and grow your “I’m so lovely” muscles. Because, yes, yes, you so are. Even in the very littleist things…just look at that gorgeous baby toe and that beautiful relationship you have with your pet and that absolutely caring heart.

You. are. lovely.

To your utter fabulousness,


Here’s a joy-filled picture of Kia in one our favourite places – Goldstream Park.