Do you love animals? Do you share your life with an animal or two or five? Have you ever had one of these beloved friends pass away in your care? Or had an attachment to an animal in someone else’s care that passed on?

This upcoming Pet Memorial Day (which is officially on September 13th), Laura Bird of One Spirit and I are combining our intuitive super powers and long-time work in the area of animal loss and transition (20+ years!) from across the globe to share something extra special with you, your animals and even, perhaps especially, those that have crossed over. Laura and I began our work together last year, realizing quickly that our passion for supporting animal lovers during this challenging time and beyond was shared. Since then we have joined forces and passions to bring you powerful guidance and support, which is exactly what we’ll be up to this upcoming Pet Memorial Day!

If you’ve been wondering how to honour and celebrate your beloved pet in the way you know they deserve, please join us for a free interactive webinar that might just change the way you think about death and dying and will beautifully re-frame your animal’s role in your life (it’s not what you think!).


September 12th 7pm PST (Vancouver Island time)/September 13th 10am AWST (Perth time). We’ll be on for a about 75 minutes (including Q & A).


Zoom – live interactive video webinar! Which means you can ask questions, partake in live chat and more. Yes, a replay will be available. Register to the left for your webinar link!


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Meet Laura Bird

Meet Laura Bird

Animal Translator, One Spirit

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Meet Alexa

Meet Alexa

Author of Death Sucks, Animal Intuitive

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