The Whole Horse Apprenticeship

Over the last twelve years as an Equine Sport Therapist, I’ve spent the better part of my time diving into what makes the best horse-human relationships tick and how to help horse women everywhere cultivate this kind of stunning connection with their horses. A connection based on trust, communication and relaxation, where the horses are balanced, healthy, willing and full of life, and the rider is intuitive, trusting and having an awesome time.

You might get glimpses of this garden of Eden in equine form, but does it stay? Can you maintain it?

Speaking from personal experience, there are countless factors involved in creating a horse-human partnership that is beautifully harmonious, a dance. My mare Diva and I fought for a good long while at the beginning of our relationship, with tiny glimpses of relaxation and harmony, and you know what? A lot of the time it sucked – I spent a whole lot of time questioning myself, my methods and what I was doing there in the first place. And then, with a whole lot of work and learning, we found our groove and remain besties in and out of the saddle to this day.

Over the years I’ve worked with thousands of women and their horses.

And many times, their horse is challenging them in some way that is preventing them from moving forward in the way they desire, into the show ring, onto the trail or even into a sense of connection.

Their horses are tense, resistant, uncomfortable, disconnected and stressed, and their person feels powerless to help them. The rider is often left feeling frustrated, confused and even resentful, wondering if it’s all really worth the struggle, the time, the energy and the money.

Yes, it can suck. But the great news is, that just like Diva and I, there is hope and lots of it. We live at an amazing time, a time where the tools, strategies and skills you need to be in the kind of horse-human partnership you dream of are in existence and just waiting to be learned. And I want to share about an 8-month immersion with me that brings them all together and much more…

Sixteen More Reasons to take part…

I am bringing together more than sixteen of my mentors, esteemed colleagues and dear friends to share their understanding and wisdom.

They’ll be sharing both live at the retreats and online via webinar about equine health and well-being, rider awareness, fitness and balance, hoof balance, saddle fit, body work techniques, aromatherapy, vibrational remedies 5 element theory, conscious horsemanship, Emotional Freedom Technique, strategic manifestation, liberty training, straightness training, animal communication, meditation, chakras, heart connection, grief work, spirit animals and much more. These amazing teachers will be joining us during the in-person retreats and on live webinars throughout our 8 months togethers (all will be available via replay). I will be releasing much more about each of them and what they will be sharing as we come closer to our time together.

Until then, I am excited to share with you our Expert Instructors (with more to come)…

Janelle Lukan * Lesley Young * Laura Bird * Stefanie Travers * Christy Greenwood * Shelley Poovey * Catherine Albertson * Breanne Ellison * Heather Nelson * Sara Fancy  * Trish Hyatt * Sabina Pettitt DCM * Celeste Morris *  Sandra Wallin * Diana Lynn Beatty * Sherrice Kirby



Wanting more details on this incredible collaborative 8-month experience? Head here

Do you ever find yourself wondering…

  • if your horse is as healthy as they could be and getting the right nutrition for a long and healthy life?
  • if you are doing everything you can to prevent lameness, colic, and other metabolic disorders and ensure long and vibrant life?
  • if your saddle is fitting, hooves are balanced, teeth are balanced and effective and your horse is comfortable pain-free?
  • if you are as balanced, centred and strong as possible in the saddle both physically and emotionally?
  • if your horse sees you as a confident and trustworthy leader or quite the opposite?
  • if your horse is happy in their current environment and with their current work?
  • how you and your horse can feel more safe. comfortable and relaxed under saddle?
  • how you’re going to deal with your horse’s inevitable final transition?
  • why your horse is in your life and what they might have to teach you?

If you answered yes to a good number of the questions above, it would seem you’re in the right place! 

I’d love to invite you to join me for the Whole Horse 8-month Apprenticeship, an incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in an exploration of all of the aspects of the horse-human relationship with a small group of dedicated horse women just like you.

Yes, this is the first year! Which means a few things…

  1. The group will be very small. Eight max.
  2. There will be a lot of one-on-one time with Alexa including unlimited phone and email access (or if you live close-by you can come by for tea) for questions.
  3. You will be a guinea pig, meaning you get to chart the course for many years to come, offer feedback and generally be a pioneer on the cutting edge. Yes, there will be hiccups here and there, but we’ll work them out together.
  4. The investment will probably never be this low again.
  5. I’ve stuffed a ridiculous amount into this. I have a habit of this. Someday I will probably heal the over-compensator/giver in me and trim it way down. But for now, it is stuffed full of so much goodness it’s hard to even tell you about it all.
  6. The 8-month Holistic Equine Therapy Certification in 2017 will be the first of it’s kind. And as participants in this apprenticeship you are the only one’s that have the pre-requisites. Therefore you’re the only ones that can join in.

Feeling the pull? Head here to get even more details on everything that is included.