New Podcast with Sarah Schlote + free group sessions with Alexa

What a time we live in. I’ve been sitting for a few days with what to write to you and all I want to do is pour love and strength and calm right down this email to you, wherever you are in the world. As Covid-19 was beginning to make the very first tiny ripples in Canada, I was studying the lungs in osteopathy school, and now, knowing the impact this virus has on the lungs, and that in TCM the lungs represent grief, and that grief is around letting go, I can’t help but wonder, how do we support ourselves and others through such an unprecedented process of change and letting go?

In our course, the focus was on the quality of the breath, the mobility of both the structure (ribs, sternum, spine) and of the viscera (pleura, lungs, bronchi, trachea), and the ways that they are relating and healthily dissociating from each other. It would appear that even in the body, creating distance is a part of the healing, to allow each structure to find its functional place in the whole, to work to bring circulation and flow, to re-adjust to life no longer adhesed unhealthily to its neighbour, but instead moving in flow. Coming home from school and within days, finding myself and my neighbours in a very new and different world, in self-distancing here on the farm, I have felt my highly sensitive nervous system struggle to keep up to all the letting go, all of the change. Perhaps you can relate?

I’ve been adding new soothing things (like dancing and yoga and more horse time) to my routine to allow me to integrate so much new information and to be a reasonable loving helpful human being. Because all of this freaks me out, and I’m sure I’m not alone. It’s so new, and there is a lot of unknown elements, and my system is working at capacity to keep up.

In my attempt to soothe nervous systems and calm hearts and connect us together, even at a distance, I’ve put together a few exciting (but not too exciting – need to keep those nervous systems calm after all!) resources for you…

Next, I’ve begun what I call The Wednesday sessions – an online 45 minute group energy medicine session with me at 9:30am Pacific every Wednesday until we’re through this. You can be included even if you can’t make it there live. You can sign up here to be included and to receive log-in details and replays here. Here is the replay of my first session from two weeks ago – it’s got some gems in there for calming your nervous system and navigating our current global situation with a little more grace and ease. You can find all the replays here.

Podcast - Sarah (5)And if you need a little something to do with more free time, The Whole Horse Podcast is on Spotify and iTunes and I just launched my 50th episode! We’ve been having so much fun on Season 3. I just posted a brand new episode yesterday with fave guest Sarah Schlote called Horse Time from Home – you can listen here. There are many episodes dedicated to connecting with your horse outside of the saddle – here are the episodes I would recommend – 5, 7, 13, 19, 21, 24, 29, 34, 37, 41, 44, 46, 49. Listen to them here or on iTunes or Spotify.

It’s been with sadness that I have stopped doing in-person sessions here on the farm for the time being, while we ride out this storm and keep a safe distance. Happily though, after over 13 years of offering remote energy medicine sessions for hundreds of humans and animals, I feel excited to share this part of my work with more of you. These sessions are done on Zoom webinar or over the phone and include sharing and guidance from me about you or your animal – I also include my knowledge as a fourth year student of osteopathy in my remote sessions and have found astounding results in terms of structural alignment, pain relief and more (for those who are not able to see their manual therapist in person at the moment).

I have found remote work to be incredibly effective and restorative. For the for-seeable future, in addition to my one hour remote sessions, I am offering 30 minute sessions focusing on resiliency building, body chemistry balancing, and nervous system soothing for $45 to support both you and your animal and human family.  You can book in on my Jane Scheduling App for April 14th and beyond – book your session here.

Finally, because many horse lovers around the world at the moment are finding that their barn time is being limited more by the day, and/or that they are being asked to no longer ride, I’ve decided to offer my 21-day Modern Day Cowgirl Bootcamp Online Program for Pay What you Can (starting at $10) for the length of our self-distancing here on Vancouver Island (not sure how long that will be, but estimates say at least another month). It is a 21-day online offering that is for anyone who loves horses, or is interested in them, or wants to find other ways to connect with their horses. More details to come soon on how to take part…

With so much love and peace from my heart to yours,

Alexa, Diva, Reilly, Solo, and Parker