Thanks Alexa for being you and being another amazing healer shining out in the world.

Alexa’s unique spirit facilitates Body Talk in a very special way. I have gone to see Alexa for a session in times of feeling lost, needing clarity and to reconnect to my body wisdom. Not only did I receive that I also left with so much more. It was a treat and blessing when Kia, her sweet dog, joined in on the sessions and became another guide in the healing I received. I am always looking forward to sessions I have with her when my travels bring me back to the island.

Kelsey Lawford

Transformation Synergist

The saying “when you change the way you see things, the things you see change” definitely applies with Alexa’s sessions! Holding things differently and seeing Libby respond so positively, these shifts flowed into my way of being to benefit all aspects of my life including my marriage, friendships, family and business.

I will never forget Alexa’s first visit. Working outside Libby’s paddock and using me as a surrogate, Alexa held my arm and after checking in, said “this is about healing a broken heart, the kind of heart break where you feel it break, tighten and shut off then you go inside”. I will remember this forever as I thought we must have crossed wires and Alexa was channelling me instead of Libby. So began a process of softening and healing two hearts, reawakening spirit and opening to joyful play and connection.

Through exploring Libby, I explored myself – how I held relationship and connection, expectations of self, other and partnership, where I had shut down intuition, how I communicated intention, correction and praise, my occupational hazard of looking relentlessly forward rather than celebrating moments, where I held back from fully expressing joy, play and movement with abandon. These transformations have allowed me to start to become a better partner for Libby. As a result, she has opened up to relationship, I honour her perfection and wisdom and we enjoy a playful partnership that I know will continue to deepen and grow.

Each session brings insight into stored energies, beliefs and stories, leading to aha moments and fresh perspectives. Ideas for trying new behaviours emerge and integrate between sessions. As a result of working with Alexa, I dropped into a greater sense of trusting and embracing intuition, something I often swatted away like some annoying fly. Having intuitive messages sent by Libby validated and supported was unbelievably empowering and allowed me to own this previously ignored sense. How freeing and powerful is that! To embrace this means nothing is resisted, a trusting of self, freedom, transparency and playfulness that has not only transformed my relationship with Libby but also with all relationships. I am connected, Libby is now willing to connect with me and all relationships have benefitted.

I think what I love most about BodyTalk with Alexa is my and Libby’s continuous unfolding. I feel like I’m on a grand adventure of discovery, exploring an infinite pool of awareness and energy through this partnership with Libby. Although energy work has been practiced for centuries, I feel like humankind is at the tipping point of fully embracing energy work and I love that Libby and I are examples of the kind of incredible transformation possible.

Geri Ramsay

Through my sessions with Alexa I was opened up to the power of BodyTalk and was so inspired I decided to become a BodyTalk Practitioner.

Sessions with Alexa have supported me to move through stuck places and open more to the potential that has been lying dormant beneath the belief systems and patterns that have been holding me back in my personal and professional life. There are too many great things to count! I have experienced massive positive shifts in my life and the journey continues!

Christy Greenwood

Reflections Holistic Retreat

Working with Alexa Linton is one of the best decisions you can make for yourself! I have had the pleasure of working with Alexa a few times with Body Talk sessions and let me tell you -they are AMAZING!!! I always walk away from sessions with Alexa with clarity and a sense of peace and calming. In addition, I can tell you that Alexa is a wonderful person with a heart of gold… she holds herself and her work to high standard of integrity that is rare today. I feel so honored to know and work with Alexa and I know you will too!

Lisa Marie Rosati

Goddess Lifestyle Plan

Alexa’s work has deepened my journey and been an indispensable tool to allowing my self integrity and truth to be welcomed in the world. BodyTalk with Alexa opens windows and doors into my heart and soul allowing light to come into places and parts of me to be healed and balanced.

Alexa did Body Talk on my horses, in particular my mare, Espada. I saw a huge shift in her and while still fierce and Bold, she has softened into a more easeful place with her greatness. After seeing this change in Espada, I saw first hand, the profound nature of her work and ability. Through a joint session with my horse Indy, I had a huge shift around giving my power away to others instead of recognizing and embracing it fully myself. Alexa helped to bring this into sharp focus for me to fully witness and accept.

Mostly, I have noticed a greater degree of connection and peace with myself. I am shedding layers of old beliefs and peeling back to soft, beautiful colors of who my True Self is. It is a non-traumatic and with Alexa’s skill and heart…highly recommended! Alexa is skilled at holding space and allowing whatever needs to come forth, to. She guides the session with intuition, vast awareness and feel and is unafraid to go places that may be haunted to bring those gifts up into the light. Love her!!! xo

Stefanie Travers

Lodestar Horsemanship


Its my pleasure to offer a testimonial for Alexa Linton. She’s talented, skilled, intuitive, caring and a great process holder (as a coach, trainer, facilitator and holding the BodyTalk space).

She’s enabled me to more effectively process a myriad of professional and personal issues, with effective and lasting results (less stress, tension and pressure, and more relaxation, ease, and enjoyment … plus improvements in office interactions and personal relationships). I’ve also been fortunate to have her wisdom to call on as I learn BT myself. Thank you Alexa for our useful alliance (and nice to see you weaving interactive-visuals into your innovative processes).
Christina Merkley

The SHIFT-IT Coach & Interactive-Visuals Mentor

I can’t recommend her enough.  I look forward to every session with Alexa.

Before I started working with Alexa I was feeling burdened by debt and really uncertain as to which path I should take career-wise.  I was second-guessing myself and my head was just too full, of too much stuff!  I wanted to pack it all in!  After our first session together I’ve been able to sort out non-essentials, my concentration has improved, and I really feel like I’m moving in the right direction now.  As an added bonus my back pain has subsided as well.

Rosalie Juravle-Clark

At One Wellness

Alexa’s a natural and gifted healer and teacher.

She’s passionate about her work, insightful and wise. This bright light shines through all that she offers. She’s also a warm and wonderful human being.

Fiona Mayhill

Innerlife Health

Alexa is brilliant, BodyTalk is brilliant and I can’t imagine a more wonderful facilitator for this incredible modality. I’ve had several distant sessions with Alexa, and I can say with absolute conviction that distance makes no difference, it’s very powerful. I can feel shifts occurring as we speak and always feel fantastic afterwards (after a good integration nap!) Sessions provide amazing insight and lasting changes. Aside from that, Alexa is authentic, fun, and inspiring with passion and compassion, and I’m sure that whatever capacity she is offering services, she will pour her heart into it and will truly create awesomeness!

Catherine Adela

Through Their Eyes

It’s hard to pick only a small number of words to describe Alexa because she is so talented and inspiring, it would be easy to go on forever! To say she’s had a huge impact on my life and the life of my animals is an understatement. If you haven’t worked with her yet, whatever is holding you back, let it go. You won’t regret it for a second.

Dallas Frueh

Back in Balance Equine Therapy