Osteopathic Manual Therapy Sessions with Alexa

Supporting you in finding your fullest expression of health and vitality

Are you struggling with pain, instability, low energy, or a loss of freedom, function or coordination? Do you feel like you are experiencing a full expression of your physical self, or more like a shadow of your former physical self? Did you hit a certain age and find yourself asking “what happened”? I get it. After pushing hard as a young athlete and sustaining a fair amount of damage, lifting and using my body in unsustainable ways as an equestrian, and acknowledging the role of my anxiety on my tension levels over many years, at age 32 I found myself bed-ridden with a bulged disc. It took almost a year of rehab to get back to riding, hiking and lifting bales, but I struggled constantly with re-injury.

Enter osteopathy. As an osteopathy student, I began receiving regular sessions as a part of my learning process and to support my body, and found myself on a journey of self-discovery. I hadn’t understood the role of my dura mater on my spinal injury and history of migraines, the influence of the position of my uterus on my sacrum, the impact of a lifetime of chronic digestive issues on not only my spine, but the function of my whole body, and the lasting effects of multiple concussions and whiplash injuries on vital parts of my autonomic and central nervous system. As each of these tissue levels was addressed in a gentle way, my system began changing in surprising ways – my anxiety levels decreased and my ability to handle stressful scenarios increased, my posture improved noticeably, my body softened in supportive ways, my sleep, cycles and digestion improved, my headaches and migraines decreased substantially in frequency, my energy levels increased and I found joy in movement once again.

It is my passion to support people to restore their full and healthy expression. As an equestrian, I specialize in working with horse people to build confidence, coordination and freedom in the saddle. I also bring my many years of intuitive and trauma-informed work to my sessions, meaning they bring about healing beyond the physical, with many clients reporting greater clarity, ease, peace of mind and a renewed sense of purpose.

I hope to work with you soon at my peaceful and accessible home clinic in Duncan, BC. New clients are welcome. All clients will be provided with a billing number on their receipt to submit with their individual insurance provider. If you have any pet allergies or fear of dogs please email Alexa prior to booking your session.



New clients welcome

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My husband has noticed a huge improvement in his shoulder! Thank you! He also said his feet felt so amazing and he has not felt this good in so long. Thank you so much!