Kinetic Communication - September 12th

A 1/2 day Applied Kinesiology Intensive with Alexa at Firefly Farm

Runway-1-300x251 Over the last decade there two frustrations that I have heard over and over again from animal owners. 

The first is the overwhelming number of opinions on everything from food to training to exercise levels and everything in between. The second and most common is this…

The inability to know or understand what their unique animal is needing, really needing, for ultimate health and happiness. It goes without saying that the way animals communicate with us is different from that of how our fellow human beings can – and often without the communication system that is the voice, we find ourselves lost as to how our animals feel and what they require. We may get some information, deriving from body language and behaviour that our animals is not well or uncomfortable or upset, but we are missing the information necessary to change their state in a lasting way.

The end result is often a sense 0f powerlessness, especially when issues start to arise. We find ourselves feeling stuck, frustrated and incapable of providing the comfort that we long to give our animals.

All because we are missing one vital piece of the puzzle. We need a bridge. A way to communicate with our animals that allows us to connect with what they are needing to be comfortable, happy and well. This might be a supplement, it might be a food change or it might be a massage in a very specific spot or in a very specific way to relieve their discomfort. Whatever it is, building this bridge is the key to translating this information in an accurate and helpful way. Is it possible?

You’ll be happy to hear that it is! Using Applied Kinesiology you can easily connect with your animal(s) and find out what they are needing right now to be their very best. How cool is that?

Ready to find out more about what this Applied Kinesiology stuff actually is and how it works?

Easy clear communication in 3.5 hours.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the number of opinions out there about what you and your animals need to be healthy and happy? Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a tool that could tell you exactly what your family needs without the frustrating and expensive trial and error?

I'm in!

As an Equine Sport Therapist, Animal Intuitive and Kinesiologist, Alexa has been bringing Applied Kinesiology to animal lovers for almost a decade in one-on-one sessions and fun and informative workshops. She affectionately calls this process Kinetic Communication, symbolizing the powerful bridge that Applied Kinesiology creates between an animal and their person.

When Alexa first happened upon Applied Kinesiology she had major doubts and a whole lot of skepticism – she is, after all, the daughter of a scientist! After two years using this tool consistently with horses and getting miraculous and mind-blowing results, there was no room left for doubt. She was hooked! She has now worked with thousands of animals and people worldwide over the last decade using this simple and easy-to-learn technique and adores teaching it to others (it’s kind of like giving magic lessons!).

Applied Kinesiology, at

What you'll take away...

  • A lovely picture-filled manual for future reference
  • A full online course to support your learning ($75 value)
  • Many aha’s, mind-blowing moments and a tool you can use for yourself and your animals for years to come.
  • An empowered perspective on how beautifully wise our bodies are!
  • A new understanding of your animals and their innate wisdom and connection to what they need.
  • A far easier way to figure out what is right for your unique animal – leaps and bounds better than sifting through hundreds of opinions and making lists of pros and cons.
  • Some great new friends!

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Meet Alexa

Meet Alexa

Your facilitator of awesome stuff

Alexa started teaching Kinetic Communication over ten years ago in a wonderful, grass roots health food store in Victoria, thanks to the support of her then boss Sharron. What a blessing that little push was! Since then, hundreds of animal lovers have laughed, learned and listened more deeply and fully to their animals with the help of this powerful tool and Alexa’s refreshing and fun teaching style. This 3.5 hours is rich with giggles, aha’s and openings and you’ll leave with a tool you can use forever and ever.


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Be a part of something special while you're learning something special.

This is the one and only Kinetic Communication for Animal Lovers in 2015! And it will be a very special one because it marks the launch of the Kinetic Communication E-course. Which means that each and every registrant will have full and forever access to the online training included in their course fee (a $75 value). We’d love to see you here at Firefly Farm on September 12th!     xo  Alexa and the crew.

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