How Connected to your Animals are you?

It’s a big question when it comes to pets. Just how connected are you to your animals? If it came down to it would it be the big juicy steak or you? That pasture full of grass? Now that’s tough competition! Stomachs aside, connection is one of those things that we all strive for as animal owners whether we know it or not. The mere act of asking your dog to come or your horse to listen to your aids is based in connection. The more tuned in they are to you the easier things get and the more fun you have together. But what do we need to do get tuned in? What are the steps of connection?

Many of you know that I have an insatiable need to learn. Connection is one of the areas that fascinates me. The fact that each connection between each person and animal is completely unique and that the dynamic is shifting constantly has held my attention for years. I have studied this shifting dynamic in my personal and professional worlds daily for the last 10 years and there is a few things I’ve figured out. Connection is always happening. In fact, the connection with your animal is based on one very important thing. Your perception. What?! This one blew my mind when I got it and I’ll explain more in a second. What else? Connection is all about heart. We know this intellectually as the heart is affected in all relationships. But, knowing this, how many of us have a healthy relationship with our heart? In other words, is it open or closed? This one little difference will change everything about your animal relationships. The other big huge thing that I learned? Animals don’t connect the way most humans connect. They look for something different in their relationships. And we’re going to talk about what that is.

alexa on fire (170) - CopyConnecting with animals is actually a whole lot like connecting with anything else in our lives. It takes commitment, time and a sense of humour. Don’t kid yourself if you think that an animal relationship is always going to be easier than a people one. I’ve had animals test my patience and commitment far more than any human being ever could. After all, animals are completely honest with us and the feedback can sting. This is why perspective is critical to any kind of connection. Feedback doesn’t mean its not working or there isn’t connection. It can be as simple as your animal telling you that they don’t feel safe or comfortable. Instead, we can start to see feedback for what it is, just information. This one took me a long time to get. I would take things so personally, and in my typical human fashion I would get myself into a huff rather than just seeing the feedback I was receiving as great information for me to build a partnership on. Not surprisingly, this was all a great big reflection of some old patterns that I was playing out all over in my life. What happens to your connection when you receive feedback that you might perceive as “bad”? Do you shut-down? Get mad? Or can you just notice it and make the necessary shifts to create even more connection?

This is of course all related directly to the heart stuff we talked about earlier. Remember how I said that animals connect through the heart? It’s true. This is, by majority, where they live. Its the reason why walking into a horse barn feels a bit like a huge hug, why seeing your dog in the morning makes you smile and why connecting deeply with an animal feels so natural. How many times have we heard a someone express deep and undying love for their pet only to hear crickets when it comes to their family or friends. Animals provide a safe avenue for our love. But, it can only go so far. If you have unhealed heart stuff, which pretty much every human being over 20 that I’ve ever met does, than there is an glass ceiling to your connection. Its ok though. There are many avenues to healing and you better believe your animal will point you in the right direction to get it. Energy medicine is one way and there are many others.

So what do animals look for in a human? Well, they definitely don’t care much about tall, dark and handsome. What they want is connection. All animals are innately attracted to being with others. There is safety and comfort in numbers. The leader of a herd of horses is not the best looking, the youngest or the fastest. They are the most tuned in. The horse who knows, the wise one. In fact, there is nothing safer or more comfortable to an animal than a balanced human being. We’re talking about a breathing deeply, relaxed, confident, agile and all-around harmonious human being who is tuned into their surroundings. Now, most human beings are a little bit away from this ideal and that’s just fine. But, it definitely helps when we are moving towards it. Our animals start feeling more comfortable and safe almost immediately and can move out of a protective and tension filled fight flight mode into a connective and relaxed state of mind and body. Being conscious of your breath is a great way to begin connecting more deeply with your animals. Breathing naturally connects you with your body and your senses, making you a much more comfortable comrade.

As you might be realizing, my years of observation have showed me one main thing. That connection is an inside job. The more connected you are to your body, your heart and your emotions, the more connected you are with your animals. I love this because it means that deepening my connection with my animals is in my hands. Yes, it can be a little daunting but speaking from personal experience, it is an amazing adventure.

Want help? That’s what I’m here for. Connect today.