FAQ's for Death Sucks: The Workshop + Masterclass

How do I know I am ready for the workshop/s?

There are no prerequisites for these workshops. If you are curious, open minded and feel drawn to exploring and learning about this topic… then you are ready.
Death is never an easy topic, however it is a part of life and will touch us all especially if we have animals. It is a subject we all have in common and it doesn’t matter if you have lost animals, are approaching a loved pet’s golden years or have a young animal, the Death Sucks weekend is for any animal lover brave enough to talk through the tears and sadness to learn and love despite them.

Who can benefit from this workshop?

All animal lovers and stewards can benefit from this workshop, wherever you are in this process with your animals. It is equally applicable and valuable for those that with younger animals, those that are stewarding their animals through this time, those that have experienced the loss of a pet and those that work with animals. We cover all of these areas and more with sharing and dialogue that brings a deep sense of being heard and understood, not only by Laura and Alexa, but by the other participants and by our animals.

What is the teaching style at the workshops?

In Death Sucks: The Workshop, the teaching style is very open and experiential, with space for sharing, openness and group dialogue. The format of this course encourages learning through connection and mutual understanding, with more structured aspects to develop your skills and ability to emotionally process. In the Masterclass, the teaching style continues to be experiential and dialogue-based. 

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

Cancellation Policy

If minimum numbers are not met, we reserve the right to cancel and reschedule the course dates. If such cancellations occur, registration is transferable to new scheduled dates or we will provide a full refund.  

Refund Policy

We will refund any fees paid by a student, less a $150.00 administration fee, provided the student gives notice of their withdrawal a minimum of twenty one (21) days prior to commencement date. – Students withdrawing from the course less than twenty one (21) days prior to the commencement date are not entitled to a refund. – When extenuating circumstances prevent a student from attending a workshop a refund will be considered.

Is there a special if I sign up for both Death Sucks and Animal Communication?

Yes! We offer an additional $100 off when you sign up for both courses.  You will receive your refund of $100 when you’ve paid your full course fees for both courses. Looking forward to having you there!

Do we bring our animal(s)? What if I do not have a pet at this moment?

We will be working with the animals present in the space to allow participants to relax fully into the experience – if you don’t have an animal at present you will definitely still benefit!

Will it still be relevant to attend if my pet passed on quite a while ago?

It would definitely be relevant, as we can still unpack the learning and the gifts many years after an animal has left our life. We may also still be carrying residual emotion which keeps us stuck or in a space of grieving – this workshop and the container created by Laura and Alexa is a safe space to allow this to move so that your animal can be fully honoured and remembered for all the goodness they brought to your life.

Will this benefit me if my pet is senior or has just been diagnosed?
Definitely! This is a very good time to attend, as you will learn how to fully support and be present for your animal during their time of transition. What a gift to all concerned.



Are there pre-requisites for attending the workshops?

Nope, there are no pre-requisites for this workshop.

Are there any more modules?

At present there are not, although we would recommend taking the Masterclass if you work with animals in any way as a therapist, veterinarian, trainer or groomer. This will allow you to support your clients and their animals during this time in a powerful way.

If I need ongoing support after the workshop, what is available?

We have a supportive private FB group in place to work together and open up the dialogue. Plus, Laura and Alexa are always just an email away!