Equine Facilitated Light up

You + BodyTalk + Diva = Magical Happenings.

Come for a session. Leave all lit up.

Let me tell you a little story…

Just over 10 years ago my life changed forever. You could say I got hit with cupid’s arrow or that magic was afoot. All I know is that nothing would be the same. That shift was Diva, my beautiful horse, 4 years old at the time. And since she got her hooves on me, nothing in my life has ever been the same. And boy am I grateful.

You see, horses are incredible facilitators for deep healing and growth. Here’s why.

  1. They can read you completely before you even get to the gate. They know how you’re feeling, what’s hurting, if you’re scared or angry and how far they can push you. All of that before you get within a few hundred feet. And then they reflect it back to you. No hiding a thing.
  2. They are all about healthy and effective leadership. If you stand and watch a balanced herd of horses for even a few minutes you’ll see exactly what I mean. Healthy leadership is valued and necessary for safety and comfort and they have a million ways to teach you how to step up into your inner leader. Trust me, Diva still pushes me every day to find it.
  3. Their heart field is over five times as large as humans. Five times. Just being around them is like giving your heart a spa day.
  4. They are crazy magical! Horses have personality, a sense of humour and super powers (in my personal opinion). When you get around them things just start to happen, like they are orchestrating magical stuff! Everything just takes on a new sense of wonder and coolness when horses are around.

I always say that Diva is a unicorn. She has the super power of being able to get right to the core of what’s going on for you and gently draw it the surface. She just sees it. This is the journey she took me on, showing me to me – the good, bad and ugly. An adventure filled with challenges and epiphanies and quantum leaps.

At Firefly Farm, we have a herd of three – Diva, Allegra and Allegra’s mom MacKenzie. They are all incredible and respectful teachers with their own unique super powers. It’s fascinating to watch them together and to be amongst them and experience the power of the herd. This is the perfect herd for those uncomfortable or fearful around horses as they have all grown up with a respect and love for humans and a deep bond with their person (and an impressive amount of training in ground manners).

In an Equine Facilitated Light up session we leave the door open for magic to happen so its hard to say exactly what that experience will be for you. Whatever it looks like, know that it will be deeply moving and transformative. And because we combine it with BodyTalk we get to work with anything that arises or is up for you. Imagine, the massage table set up in the pasture (or just outside of it) and you receiving BodyTalk with the horses holding space. It is, speaking from personal experience and those of my clients, an incredible moment.

If you feel the call, join Alexa and the herd at Firefly Farm for a 1.5 hour session or more (one or two day private retreats also available) from June through September. We can’t wait to see you!

Is it time for some horse time?

Horses are way more than meets the eye. They are masterful healers and teachers. Are you feeling the call?

Come to the farm.