March 5-6th, 2016

A 2-day experience with Animal Intuitive and Author Alexa Linton designed to help you navigate your pet’s final transition as gracefully as humanly possible.

Losing a beloved pet sucks.

But, what if it could suck less? What if, instead of draining your joy and energy and causing you to feel like a ship without an anchor, the final transition of your animal could feel different, easier, maybe even sacred?

Yes, this 2 days together is going to require tissues, but it will leave you with the tools, the skill and the presence to navigate your pet’s final transition as gracefully as humanly possible.

Whether you just welcomed your first puppy or horse into your family, are currently navigating the often confusing, sad and frustrating waters of the final chapters of your pet’s life, or are grieving the loss of a beloved furry family member, you have come to the right place.

Death is actually easier when we are given the space to understand and feel.

We are not taught how to navigate this inevitable transition, how to process the seemingly unending feeling of loss we feel, or hold space for our animals during their final moments. This weekend is a chance to develop the skills you need to be the best steward of your animals, to build the tools to stay healthy and present, to shift the blocks that keep you from moving forward, and to truly understand the sacred process that is death and dying.

We’ll be exploring techniques to strengthen your intuition and connect with your animal around their unique timing and experience, powerful tools to help you be as present and peaceful as possible for your animal in their time of transition, body work and energy work techniques to ease discomfort for your animal, build connection and increase vibrancy and longevity, rites of passage and simple practical rituals to cultivate lasting peace for you and your animals, ideas to honour your unique animal and the joy they brought to your life, and much more.

It’s going to be a weekend like no other that will leave you feeling more connected with your animals, their love for you, and their role in your life, than ever before.

The details…

Where: One Spirit, Serpentine, WA

When: March 5-6th, 2016, 9-5pm

Join Alexa Linton and a group of courageous animal lovers just like you.

Build the skills, the presence and the strength to navigate your pet’s inevitable transition as gracefully as humanly possible. Alexa, with the help of One Spirit’s Laura Bird, will show you how and share our years of supporting animal lovers through the passing of their animals.

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Is it part of your job to help animals lovers to navigate their pet’s final transition?

Would you like to hone your ability to create a safe and sacred space for animals and their favourite people: to express, process, let go and move forward? What if you could play an essential role in making this transition better for everyone concerned?

What if, instead of having to shut down your feelings to stay strong for your clients, you could be far stronger and more effective being authentic, expressed and open?

Alexa and Laura have supported thousands of animals and their people during this inevitable and potentially devastating transition, building emotional intelligence, empathy, compassion and understanding over a combined 20 years of experience.

This day-long masterclass is a culmination of this experience and created specifically for those working with animals at this crucial time. It is an opportunity to share with practitioners and professionals in this field and help cultivate the skills to support themselves and their clients, bringing life, sacredness and love to death and dying. 

The key is feeling without taking it on.

And it’s not easy. But it is completely possible. In this one-day master class we’ll be sharing the essential steps to supporting yourself and staying healthy through this process, including how to be fully present to the emotionally-charged process of your clients and their animals without being an emotional sponge and burning yourself out.

The details…

Where: One Spirit, Serpentine, WA

When: March 7th, 2016, 9-5pm

Join Alexa Linton and Laura Bird for a Master class

We need more people in the world who are able to hold safe and sacred space for animal lovers who are navigating the final transition of their beloved furry family members. This one day master class will be a deep-dive into the power of nurturing, for ourselves and those we’re supporting, what death really is all about, how to connect with animals and their needs and timing and unpacking the sacredness of this time.

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