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A candid, practical and surprisingly humorous book by animal intuitive and healer Alexa Linton designed to help animal lovers navigate their pet’s final transition as gracefully as humanly possible. A simple and compassionate way to help your clients through this challenging, yet, inevitable time.



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Losing a beloved pet sucks.

Every day you see the pain, the grief and the deep loss that accompanies this challenging time. Yet, it is not a process you can stop, except to prolong the inevitable. The fact remains, animals have shorter life spans and yet, their families are just as deeply attached and just as emotionally invested as they would be in any member of the family. This book was written to help. It was purposely written to offer up effective strategy, clarifying understanding, and an opportunity for resolution and peace in a time when your client needs it most. And it is

It will leave your clients with the tools, the skill and the presence to navigate their pet’s final transition as gracefully as humanly possible no matter where they are at on the journey, still in puppyhood or days away from that final breath. 

Death is actually easier when we are given the space to understand and feel.

We are not taught how to navigate this inevitable transition, how to process the seemingly unending feeling of loss we feel, or hold space for our animals during their final moments. This guide is a chance for your clients to develop the skills they need to be the best steward of their animals, to build the tools to stay healthy and present, to shift the blocks that keep them from moving forward, and to truly understand the sacred process that is death and dying.

In this book, Death Sucks, I share powerful tools to help your clients be as present and peaceful as possible for their animals in their time of transition, rites of passage and simple practical rituals to cultivate lasting peace and a sense of resolution, ideas to honour each unique animal and the joy they brought to their family’s life, and much more.

I have opened up access to bulk orders for veterinary professionals, pet crematoriums, book stores and pet/tack stores. This book is a valuable asset as a gift or for purchase, a simple way to provide comfort, support and undestanding throughout this challenging time.



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Death Sucks is a practical guide designed for all animal lovers and the perfect addition to your clinic or home visit practice as a gift or for purchase. Bulk orders start at $12 CDN per copy (retail value of $22 CDN), with discounts from 10-20% depending on number of copies ordered.

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