Dealing with brain overload…

Anyone else out there with lessons, ah-hahs and ideas coming at them at the speed of light? We are officially in summer warp speed! A time to get a little quieter, a little softer and a little stiller, even when the energy of things wants to whip you into a frenzy. I feel a horse metaphor or two coming on. But I digress.

Untitled designThis week, I seriously was having an impossible time sorting through all the stuff coming into my poor head. Titles, taglines, chapter names, product ideas, tweets and on and on. So much! Eventually, I just had to set my foot down on my brain (well, not literally, because that would probably hurt a heck of a lot) and say stop it! (PS. what do you think of these wacky Diva-licious shades? Yes, just a little distractable at the moment :))

Okay, I can’t stop the horse metaphors so why even try. You see riding, in essence, is all about simplicity. When I was away last week, I almost lost my cool at one point (and yes, this fiery red head has an impressive temper). The reason? Too much information. Remember that ride I was telling about where it was me and three horse trainers? Yep, that one. Well, the combination of these three wonderfully well-meaning teachers and a brand new horse who was very fiery to boot and riding out into big country with no real fences or gates had me a little nervous from the get-go. Then the coaching began. A new way to hold my hands, a different way to use my body, bring her into you, find your centre. Too much information. My brain took a nose-dive and I all but forgot how to ride, an activity that I have been doing a heck of a lot of for over twenty years.

You see, the brain can only take so much. Just like the rest of our body, it has a limit to the amount of stress and information it can deal with. Ever had that experience where you’ve been working at the computer for too long and you start making mistakes? Emailing the wrong people, making silly spelling errors? A classic one is going out to a bar or club after an incredibly stressful week only to find yourself making some rather crazy decisions later on in the evening. This, my friends, is called switching. The brain has switched off higher level functions to preserve energy and integrity and you, whether you like it or not, are being run by your reactive and emotional brain centres. Not the greatest decision makers unless you like waking up to a stranger or stories of the crazy things you got up to last night. Know what I mean?

Yes, that was a bit blunt, but if we look at the deeper function of the reptilian brain it makes sense. It is a brain of pattern and familiarity – one based in addressing the needs of comfort and survival. It will make us do rather unreasonable things for the sake of those needs. It’s kind of like leaving a 3 year old in charge – things are going to get messy in a hurry. Thank goodness that for the most part, the other, much more logical and helpful parts of the brain, are in charge.

So, how do you unswitch? Well, this is where all that stuff about getting softer and quieter comes in.

First things first, you need to stop racing around, both in your mind and in your world. All of this rushing, stressing and fast-paced action is going to tax your brain big-time. It needs balance and some time to re-set. All together now take a big, deep breath right into the belly and continue taking those until you’re back in your skin, feeling your body. Use the outbreath to unwind tension and holding. Being right here is where its at.

Second, tap out your cortices (here’s a video of this super quick technique – if there is one thing you do today for yourself do this). This is powerful brain balancing and we all need it. Our brains deal with a lot and they need to get loved up just like the rest of us.

Third, do whatever you do to get back to your centre and into your body. For me it’s riding, laying in the hammock, hiking in nature, dancing and swimming in the river. Yum! What’s it for you? Find those things and make sure that you do at least one of them a day.

Last thing – think about getting some BodyTalk or taking a BodyTalk Access course in your area. As BodyTalk practitioners, we work with switching all the time in our clients (and ourselves!). This one technique can change everything, from your perception (yes, rose coloured glasses could be your new reality) to your natural stress response to your energy levels (oh so much better). It’s darn good stuff and often just one session can do the trick (and yes, you can book yours right here if you feel so inclined).

Well, I guess I found something to write about after all! Wishing you all a marvellous and balanced week. Until next time…
To your utter fabulousness,