The Cowgirl Re-union with Stefanie Travers and Alexa Linton

The Details... (3)

Over seven years ago now horsewoman extraordinaire Stefanie Travers and I met (after countless people suggesting that we should!) and our lives have been crossing paths big-time ever since, creating a fun and fabulous friendship and much more. It’s been a wild ride! Stefanie and Sitta Last year a new (or maybe not so new?) idea was born.

Part of the inspiration was Stefanie’s favourite piece of country, the range lands around beautiful Merritt, BC (we’re talking amazing wide open spaces, lakes, sagebrush, riding forever, wildlife and sacred sites). Another piece was our combined passion for the way of the bridle horse and connecting with our inner and somewhat wild cowgirls. And yet another part of things is our mutual desire to understand the meaning of things and dive deeper and deeper into our knowing of self.

All these mixed together combined to create something wonderfully delicious, a three day, in the saddle, in the heart, rip-roaring good time for us and our favourite riding buds. After much careful consideration, brain-storming and brewing (the art of letting things just pop up when they’re ready) the name was born.

We’re calling it the Cowgirl Re-union and we have a darn good feeling we’re onto something here. It’s time to find your self in the saddle. So strap on your chaps, load up the horses and get your inner cowgirls up here! It’s time for us to let our hair down and ride headlong to wherever our cow ponies take us. I can hear you asking, “well Alexa and Stefanie what are we going to be doing up there?” Well, here are all the details…

  • Daily rides out with Stefanie as our tour guide! If you’ve never been on a ride out with Stef you’re in for a fantastic adventure. And of course we’ll be doing a moonlight ride! Plus, did we mention that there is a cidery within riding distance?
  • Daily teachings for you and your horse with Stefanie and Alexa. You’re going to walk away from this camp feeling more at home in your body and your saddle then you ever have.
  • Adventures with Alexa. We’ll be playing with embodiment and energy in ways that connect you powerfully to your horse, your life and your world. And you’ll walk away with a few special massage techniques that will have your horse floating on cloud 9.
  • We’ll be setting up some awesome impromptu photo shoot opportunities to really capture your essence and your very cool partnership with your horse. And who knows, maybe a photographer will be paying a visit!
  • Live music around the campfire every night so if you’re a’ playin’ kinda gal, be sure to pack your Guitar/kazoo/drum kit.

The Details...

  • Three FULL (and yes, you will be falling into bed at night in a great way) days with Stefanie and I and a bunch of fabulous horse women just like you.
  • You arrive at Hidden Valley Rustic Camp (more pictures of this beautiful place below) on Thursday September 17th and head out on Monday September 21st (for those that have work to get back to, you’re welcome to start your engines on Sunday).
  • There is lots of room for your horses and your trailers and tents. But, they don’t call it rustic for no reason! Yes, there are outhouses, a pop-up shower stall or two and good water, plus a stream if you want to wash up in there. No power and cell phone coverage is limited – we are going10583826_324977817659248_5823088126501974435_n back to the basics and fulling unplugging – back to the cowgirl way of life!
  • If you don’t have a live-in horse trailer or camper, and you’re not so keen on tenting it, accommodations are available in the cabin for an additional $35/night. Just let us know when you send in your deposit and we’ll reserve a bed for you.
  • There are corrals and paddocks for the horses and you’re welcome to high-line if you prefer. This is incredible riding country with lots of rangeland and variety and Stefanie and I can’t wait to show you all around by horse back. For more photos see below…
  • For food, we will be providing a yummy and nutritious lunch each day and asking each person to bring up one dish for one of the nights for the whole group. That way all you have to take care of is breakfast and your one meal and the rest is all done. There is a outdoor kitchen area at the cabin to share if needed.

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The cost for this entire experience is just $395 plus GST.

This includes your campsite and horse accommodations (but not horse hay or feed) and most of your meals. We’re keeping it at such a low investment because this is our dream holiday too and we are stoked about getting a fantastic group of women together to come ride, learn, and celebrate with us.

10256082_10154369640175131_4934514481389749089_oIf you’re feeling it you can pay your $200 deposit right here to reserve your spot. The first twelve confirmations we receive are our gals (there will be a wait list if things fill up). So if you’re feeling it, get it in your calendar and let us know! I have a feeling it’s going to fill up pretty quickly. We definitely don’t want you to miss out.

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And of course, everything is better with friends so pass the word along – let’s get a great bunch of cowgirls up here! Looking forward to seeing you in the saddle.

To your fabulousness,

Alexa and Stefanie


Here’s some beautiful pictures of the Hidden Valley Rustic Horse Camp…such beautiful country!

Are you coming?

It’s happening September 17th-21st at Hidden Valley Horse Camp in Merritt, BC and it’s going to be the the inner and outer adventure of a lifetime.

Yes! Count me and my horse in!