The Cowgirl Re-union 2016

June 21-27 at the Hidden Valley Rustic Horse Camp

Welcome cowgirls! This the main Cowgirl Re-union resource page, storing all the details of our time together this June.

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All the details for the adventure of a lifetime!

The Hidden Valley Rustic Horse Camp is one of the most beautiful, peaceful spots. And when they say rustic they mean it! There is no electricity on site, although there is potable running water at the pump house. 

Please read through the details below about what to bring so you come prepared for a marvellous and care-free time together. Happily, the town of Merritt is only about an easy (no dirt roads except on the property!) half hour away if you need anything. The road into the camp is steep and narrow at places. Fortunately, there is another way in just a little further along that is longer but easier for bigger rigs. Please indicate on the form below if you’d like to use the other entrance.

Our group gathering spot:

We have reserved a beautiful circular spot on the far side of the camp, with enough room for all of our horses and quite a few big rigs and trailers. There is also ample space for setting up a tent or whatever you have in mind. Remember, the nights can still be pretty chilly around the June so bring good bedding/sleeping bags, your own pillows and lots of layers. You may also want to throw in a blanket for your horse (it came in very handy last year!). If you have a camping heater definitely throw it in…the evenings get cool in this country.

You are welcome to arrive anytime after 3pm on Tuesday June 21st (Summer Solstice!) and we’re booked in until 11am on Monday June 27th. It will be five full days of fall-into-bed, giggle-snorting good times. Check back here for more details on our itinerary (coming soon!) and our very special guests.

We have reserved two of the newer cabins for four people each ($35/night for a bed). These cabins are small but functional with four beds each and a table for four. Each cabin has an outdoor kitchen equipped with a small propane stove, BBQ, cutlery, plates and cooking items. They are also first come first serve so let us know as soon as you can if you’d like a bed. These cabins are insulated but not heated so be sure to bring warm bedding and if you have a camp heater, I recommend bringing it along. They also have no electricity so be sure to bring flashlights and extra batteries.

For meals

We would recommend bringing any additional cookware you might require as well as a cooler and ice for any perishables. For dinner on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening, we are doing potlucks either at the barn which has power, lights and a stove to heat or bake or in our campsite where we’ll be relying on our camp stoves! (depending on the weather). Please indicate on the questionnaire what you will be bringing (plan for food for 15-20). If you would like any meat or BBQ items to round out your meal we recommend bringing those along. Saturday night Stefanie and I will be providing a big yummy cowgirl meal. Please bring your own dinner for Tuesday night as we will be trickling in. We will get together on Tuesday night for an opening circle at 7:30pm.

Our horses have small functional wood-railed corrals as their digs and there is lots of grazing to be had outside of the pens! I would consider bringing a portable gate if you have one (easier than the current four rail situation). Each cowgirl will be responsible for her own mucking out her cowpony and will also be responsible for their own water buckets, hay and feed. Happily there is water for the horses on site and a great creek for sipping.

What to bring. (2)There are outhouses (which are actually quite lovely and very spacious!) and showers which are heated/powered by a windmill. How neat is that? So hot water is possible! Yay! Showers are $1/5 minutes – so bring along some loonies for a refreshing clean up or two.

The water on site is potable and great for cooking and the horses. We will also have drinking water available so make sure to bring your own water bottle.

The things to bring list is an image that can easily be printed off and used as a packing tool…

Keep your eyes peeled for an itinerary – it’s on it’s way!

Please take a few moments to fill out our short questionnaire on campsites, trailering, space requirements, meal details and more to help make our time together as seamless as possible!

Address: 9611 Hwy 97C Merritt BC (on your left from Merritt). Re-set your odometer when you turn off Hwy 8 onto Hwy 97C towards Logan Lake. The Horse Camp is just after 24km. Look for the wooden sign with flags! Clint will be there to meet you. If your truck and trailer need a more level drive in (the main driveway is quite steep for a small portion) there is another way in – just ask!

Important links and resources:

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Meet our awesome team!

Stefanie Travers

Stefanie Travers

Cowgirl Extraordinaire/Our fearless trail leader!

Alexa Linton

Alexa Linton

Energy and Embodiment Specialist/Head of Good times!

Candice Camille

Candice Camille

Photographer & Capturer of Magical Horsey Moments!

Rebecca Fawcett

Rebecca Fawcett

Our Equine Therapy Expert!

Audrey Sayewich aka Sassy Six Guns

Audrey Sayewich aka Sassy Six Guns

Pistol-shooting expert and Costumer extraordinaire!

Christa Miremadi

Christa Miremadi

Qi Gong and Relaxation Specialist!