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Dealing with brain overload…

Anyone else out there with lessons, ah-hahs and ideas coming at them at the speed of light? We are officially in summer warp speed! A time to get a little quieter, a little softer and a little stiller, even when the energy of things wants to whip you into a frenzy. I feel a horse metaphor or two coming on. But I digress.

Untitled designThis week, I seriously was having an impossible time sorting through all the stuff coming into my poor head. Titles, taglines, chapter names, product ideas, tweets and on and on. So much! Eventually, I just had to set my foot down on my brain (well, not literally, because that would probably hurt a heck of a lot) and say stop it! (PS. what do you think of these wacky Diva-licious shades? Yes, just a little distractable at the moment :))

What cats can teach us about leading a wickedly awesome life.

If you have animals you know that there is a lot they can teach us. So let’s chat about that and find out how you can take a few those simple lessons and start living a much more fabulous life…

As I was lying in bed this morning, gazing adoringly into my cat Parker’s eyes, I had a thought. This thought is not brand new, but it sparked a new idea, which is now being written down by yours truly. You see, being an empath, meaning someone who feels pretty much everything felt by everyone and has done since time began, I have a tendency to burn out. Since you’re here and reading this post, I have a strong feeling you can relate.

What the f@&k is it about anger anyways?

It’s funny. For years and years I spent a good part of my energy being “tough” and “together”, well, to be completely honest, more like pretending to be tough and together and meanwhile failing miserably (which felt a lot like feeling miserable). When my mom gave me the book “Highly Sensitive Person” I admittedly took it personally, re-iterating that no, in fact, (even though I’m having a hissy fit about this!) I am not a “sensitive” person. I denied it at this turn and at that, displaying bravado and acts of endurance, loading ridiculous heavy bales into the barn and taking on physical feats beyond the means of my slim frame. All to prove that no, I am not a f%$cking sensitive person!

Does your saddle fit?

Ever get the feeling that your horse is trying to tell you something? Perhaps his eye hardens or he doesn’t seem as comfortable moving out anymore. Maybe his reaction is more noticeable, taking the form of bucking, flinching, or moving away when you try to saddle him up. Unfortunately many of these “reactions” can easily be chalked up to disobedience rather than discomfort. This “gray” area is a very common source of frustration for the horse owner. Although the majority of us wish that our horses could just tell us about their problems, it is a good bet that your saddle is a part of the problem. A surprisingly large number of horses have or have previously had poor fitting saddles.This not only creates discomfort due to pressure points or bridging, but can also seriously affect the muscular system, nervous system, kidneys, and the integrity of the skeletal system.

Here are a couple of simple tests to determine whether your saddle is fitting…