The Whole Horse Apprenticeship

Are you sure?

Joining an 8-month program is a commitment, and it’s important to me that you feel incredibly stoked about taking this next step. It will make our time together that much more rich if you have full clarity about whether this program and yours truly are the right fit for you. Which is why I’ve created this page – have a good read over the next few paragraphs, and if it still feels right for you, head on over to reserve your space.

This apprenticeship is a great fit for you if…

  • your relationship with your horse(s) is one of the most important in your life.
  • you are fascinated by this partnership both in and out of the saddle. It’s a source of deep joy and fulfillment and sometimes, frustration, grief, and confusion.
  • you are on a seemingly constant search for understanding about why you are drawn to horses in the first place and why you found yourself in relationship with a particular one. You’re constantly wondering about how to be a better and more helpful person, with horses and beyond.
  • you get the concept of heart horse and medicine horse and are excited to learn more.
  • you would love to experience a more relaxed and connected relationship with your horse
  • you aspire to feel more like a centaur – centred and deeply connected to your horse.
  • you are drawn to all things spiritual, well-being focused and connecting, you love exploring your woo-woo side and becoming more aware of what makes you and your horse tick!
  • you are open to feedback and ready to learn, even (and especially) if it means dismantling any out-dated ways of doing things and learning to listen to your own inner guidance and your horse.

This Apprenticeship is not a great fit for you if…

  • you’re resistant to change and growth.
  • you don’t believe in animal communication and you don’t view animals and horses as equal beings.
  • you get weirded out by the word spiritual and anything related to it.
  • you view horses as a tool and not a partner.
  • you think you’ve got this horsemanship and riding thing all figured out.

What this program is…

  • an 8-month immersion based program requiring a weekly commitment of approximately 1-2 hours
  • an online experience with a group of horse lovers from all over the world (a computer or tablet is necessary).
  • a collaborative and connecting experience with teachings from over 16 experts in all areas of equine well-being and horsemanship.
  • a deep-diving wholistic exploration of the many facets of the horse-human partnership (no horse needed!).
  • an opportunity for transformation, growth, heart-centred learning and self-awareness.
  • a chance to change the way you relate to horses and open up an incredible amount of potential for connection with the horses in your life.
  • An adventure in equine well-being, from body work and saddle fit to Applied Kinesiology, energy work and beyond!

What this program is not…

  • a done-for-you experience where no personal work is required.
  • a miracle cure for your horse issues
  • a program to “fix” your horse

Does this still feel like the right fit?

Yes! I'm ready to reserve my space