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The All Lit Up Private Intensive


You might notice that I love getting my photo taken. I’ll admit it. One big reason? I love photographer Devon Gillott and how she really “sees” me. Having my photo taken has become another way to let my light shine, express myself and really unleash my creative and adventurous spirit. And getting the animals involved (and giggling uncontrollably when they attempt to photo bomb all our shots) just adds to the fun.

But, here’s the thing. It wasn’t too long ago that I felt incredibly self-conscious having my photo taken and typically avoided looking at myself in photos. And a big piece of my healing journey has been to love, accept and embrace all of me and let it shine out into the world.

So I decided to bring Devon to the farm for a few very special clients for a Personal Retreat with Devon, myself, the horses and of course, Kia and Parker. That was back in the summer of 2014. We are now heading into our fifth season of these transformation experiences and we’re hooked. Yes, I’ll admit, I’m addicted to seeing the incredible changes that happen during our time together for everyone involved. There are very limited spaces available in 2020 (dates coming soon! Getting Devon, Vicky our amazing stylist and myself together on the same day takes some pre-planning).


If you’re available during the week and want to schedule an All Lit Day for yourself, or for you and a friend, Devon, Vicky and I are more flexible – connect to check our availability.


This experience is for you if you really want to have your photo taken, but feel self-conscious or shy, if you’re yearning to capture the real you in front of the lens, if you know you need a photo for your website or a work profile but you feel anxious about being in front of the camera and especially if you are ready to let go of all that old fear, limitation and inner criticism and feel comfortable and at home in your skin in front of the camera.

So what are we up to during our time together?

  • We’ll be doing two energy work sessions (one a few days before our day together and one on your private All Lit Up day, to let go of any hang ups about being seen and being in front of the camera).
  • We’ll be hanging out by the lake with Diva and the herd here at Firefly Farm.
  • We’ll be enjoying an organic picnic lunch made by yours truly and lots of delicious organic snacks, goodies and fresh juices.
  • The fabulous Vicky, our All Lit Up stylist, will be doing your makeup and hair.
  • And then we’ll embark on a transformative 1 hour photo shoot with the incomparable Devon Gillott. You will receive a complete disk from Devon filled with edited and unedited photos capturing the authentic beautiful you, any alter-egos that may have decided to come out to play, and a new truth-filled sense of yourself and your beauty.

Speaking from personal experience, after witnessing over nine women complete this experience, it is a transformation like no other.

If this opportunity is speaking to you, fill out this short form to set up a 15 minute chat with Alexa.

Is this your year to shine?

There are only a few spots available this year for this completely unique experience. Set up a chat with Alexa to learn more.

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An experience that’s all for you.

After the all Lit Up Program I have experienced an amazing amount of self acceptance and have really embraced the freedom it has given me. I am now, much more able to receive compliments–to actually hear them and believe them. I have noticed a general freedom and open-ness since the program. I have embraced my feminine side with very little self consciousness, and it has been great. When I completed the program Alexa asked me if she could write about my session/results. She also asked if she could use one of my photos. I without hesitation said yes, and then I surprised myself, I asked which photo she was planning to use. In the past I would have looked over myself in the photos and been relentless in finding which photo had the least amount of faults and this time I just saw me! I would definitely recommend this experience to others because even though it is tough to face your inner critic, if you want your life to change you have to push yourself out side of your comfort zone. If you are willing to do that, it works and it is so much fun!

Cathy Hamilton

The day was amazing. I was excited and nervous at the same time but Alexa made me feel right at home straight away with a freshly squeezed juice that was very tasty and then left me alone with my thoughts and a journal in a comfortable chair in the sun with a beautiful view of the lake and the sun spreading its warmth all around. As the day progressed I found myself surrounded by loving, caring women who wanted nothing more than to make this day special for me. With past experiences it has not been easy for me to put my trust in women so to leave myself completely in their hands was a big step for me. I was not disappointed. It was an incredible day for opening up and stepping into my life. I felt very alive and supported that day and it was so much fun. I wanted to share my joy with everyone.

I noticed afterwards that I was looking at things differently, not pulling apart every little wrinkle or bump. Letting go of judgement for myself also helped in letting go of judgement of others. There is a feeling of lightness inside. Alexa with her Body Talk session lifted some burdens that I had been carrying, making room for a more open heart. I have known Alexa for a few years now, doing her body talk for animals classes as well as seeing her for Body Talk sessions. There is no one I would trust more with such an important step in my life. Alexa’s love for all life, big and small, and her own experiences with pain have blessed us with a teacher full of passion, love and understanding. I look forward to doing many other experiences with her. I would definitely recommend this experience to others.

Its empowering, it makes you feel beautiful inside and out, and its a whole lot of fun!

Cindy Rose

Alexa’s All Lit Up was one of the best experiences of adult life. It really helped me find my own power, confidence and beauty. It helped me in stepping outside of my comfort zone in finding my true self. I realized that I do matter! Self-care and self-love is key! It was an empowering, nurturing and overall epically beautiful experience!!

Sabrina Francis

A few of my faves from the photoshoots with these amazing All Lit up women! This could be you…