Who is Alexa? 

Alexa is known for lighting up her world with her infectious personality, bold facilitation style, her often irreverent, tongue-in-cheek writing, and her menagerie of a therapeutic practice, combining her degree in Kinesiology, over a decade of training in BodyTalk and animal communication, and her current passion as a 4th year student of osteopathy. With over fourteen years of experience working with horses as an Equine Sport Therapist, as well as thousands of animals and people, Alexa has developed a therapeutic style that is both intuitive and highly collaborative. She is the co-founder of the Cowgirl Re-union, the creator of the Whole Horse Apprenticeship and Podcast, author of Death Sucks: A Straight-Up Guide to Navigating Your Pet’s Final Transition, and co-steward of Firefly Farm in the Cowichan Valley, unceded territory of the Cowichan and Coast Salish Peoples, where she lives with the horse herd Diva, April and Duke, dogs Reilly and Solo and cat Parker.

An advocate by nature, it is a part of her mission to dismantle systems of oppression both in the horse industry, in her community and in the world at large, and move towards a world where equality and care for all is not just a pipe dream, but a reality. From her one-on-one sessions, writing, and online offerings to her events and retreats, she invites connection and compassion and a remembering of resiliency, accountability, and capability. 


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What does she do? 

Alexa often jokes that she works on the whole herd/family – animals, people, kids, husbands! She offers gentle, yet potent, energy and body work for real life. For you, for your animals, for your relationships, for your health, for navigating life’s inevitable and sometimes devastating transitions. Life can feel endlessly challenging, especially as animals lovers. We are at once ridiculously tough (stubborn even) and highly sensitive. We often have a very hard time asking for help and receiving support, even though it might change everything for the better. 

Animals are inextricably linked into how Alexa works. Thirteen years ago, it was a horse named Dancer that led me to her path as an Equine Sport Therapist, and thousands of animals have been my teachers ever since. I have accepted my life-long obsession as more than that. Animals are, and forever will be, the foundation of Alexa’s life’s work and of what inspires me to keep creating, learning, growing. In fact, you’ll be greeted by her furry crew if you come to visit in person at Firefly Farm in the Cowichan Valley! 

Who are you? 

You are an animal lover, a steward, a seeker of a more peaceful, balanced existence. In animals, you see a partner, a best friend, a teacher and much more. Their health and well-being is high on the priority list and you’ve come to the realization that your state of health and happiness has an uncanny affect on theirs. And on a more practical note, you’re feeling more than done with moving through your life stressed out, exhausted, on edge and in a constant state of damage control.