It’s that time of year again! The Whole Horse Apprenticeship will begin on March 15th. This is an 8-month online equine wellness immersion with myself and guest instructors (almost 30), split into four modules: physical, energetic, emotional, and spiritual. Our 2020 live webinars will be with Hannah Weston of Connection Training,  equine researcher Dr. Emily Kieson and Elisse Miki of Equilibria Therapeutics (on equine cranial work) plus a special guest!

This is your invite you to join me for the Whole Horse 8-month apprenticeship, an incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in an exploration of all of the aspects of the horse-human relationship with a small group of dedicated horse women just like you.

The Whole Horse Apprenticeship happens (almost) entirely online! After my experience running the course online for the past three years, I realized that it is not only possible but deeply connecting (despite the distance) and a great way to bring horse people around the world together.

Here’s the almost – There will be an optional 3-day retreat with a equine body work focus with Equine Sport Therapist Breanne Ellison for all participants in the Apprenticeship here at Firefly Farm in the Cowichan Valley in May/June 2020 (dates coming in early 2019). This allows participants to get hands on with the herd at the farm.

Other than this retreat (which is optional), the entire course content is fully accessible online which means you can tune in from anywhere in the world. 

Do you ever find yourself wondering…

  • if your horse is as healthy and vital as they could be?
  • if your horse is receiving the nutrients and supplements they need to feel their best?
  • if your saddle is fitting, hooves are balanced and your horse is comfortable and pain-free?
  • if you are as balanced, centred and strong as possible in the saddle both physically and emotionally?
  • if your horse sees you as a safe and trustworthy partner?
  • if your horse is happy in their current environment and with their current work?
  • how you and your horse can feel more safe, comfortable and relaxed?
  • why your horse is in your life and what they might have to teach you?
  • why you are being challenged by your horse and how to move through it?
  • what the more “spiritual” nature of your relationship is, and how to find out?

“I would highly recommend Alexa Linton’s Whole Horse Apprenticeship. She has such a wealth of knowledge to share and brings in key leaders in our Equine World who are changing it from within! My world was expanded in many ways. I would definitely participate again as there is too much to learn in only 8 months!” – Katey Campbell, KC Equine Wellness

“The Whole Horse Apprenticeship was a fantastic 8 month journey and completely exceeded my expectations in every possible way. The well structured program had a wealth of excellent content to learn from and with so many topics covered throughout the course, it was great to be able to pick and choose areas of focus to fit with my particular equestrian interests. The guest instructors were so generous in sharing their expertise adding even more goodness to this already brilliant course. Alexa is an exceptionally talented and intuitive mentor whom I felt so privileged to have the opportunity to learn from and I look forward to continuing my learning journey through her trainings in the coming months.” – Avril, from the UK

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