Animal Communicator Laura Bird is coming to Canada!

Animal Communication 1 - Activation with Laura Bird - July 1-2

This 2 day foundation class with Laura will share the 5 steps of every animal communication exchange and simple techniques to help you with each step. Discover or expand your subtle senses and have your intuition validated and individually coached. Learn basic exercises to shift your brainwave frequency to make the exchange of energetic information more easily, clear your mind, enter your heart and receive insight and understanding. Embrace what is possible when you honour this simple process and realise your deepest hopes for what is possible to share between the species.

This workshop is open to all students that have completed the Animal Communication 1 workshop.

Held at Firefly Farm in Duncan, BC on July 1-2 from 9:30-5:30pm.

Register by June 11th and save $110!

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Decoding Your Animal's Messages - Free Talk

We know they are in our lives for a reason, but how do we begin to demystify all the different messages our animals bring through for us? Laura Bird, Animal Healer & Communicator, will discuss the 3 main domestic animal species that have contracts with humanity and how Dogs, Cats & Horses are messengers for different aspects of our journey. The evening talk will focus on sharing insights on what unique alchemy these 3 animals bring, and the basics of how to de-code this wisdom to translate animal messages in your own life.

Details to be announced!


Sessions with Laura

Profile-219x300Laura has two days available for sessions for people and their animals during her time in Canada. Laura Bird is one of Australia’s leading Bowen Therapists, Animal Communicators & Healers. She began her Bowen career working with Horses, after Bowen Therapy miraculously cured a serious medical condition that threatened her ability to ride, and enjoy a normal life. Since this incredible result fifteen years ago she has added CranioSacral Therapy, NLP & BodyTalk and countless other energy modalities to her practice. From personal experience, her sessions are comprehensive, insightful, professional and powerful. She is my go-to therapist when I am needing support for myself or my animals.

Sign up for a session at this link.

About Laura

downloadLaura comes to us all the way from her bustling practice near Perth in Western Australis. For over a decade she’s been working with both people and animals with a variety of modalities including Bowen Therapy, BodyTalk, Cranio-Sacral, Energy Healing, NLP, Matrix Therapies and Animal Communication. Laura is a passionate teacher, educating students worldwide in Bowen for Horses, Small Animals and Humans right through to professional qualification and runs a series of workshops (with help & wisdom from the animals) exploring bodywork & healing techniques, animal communication & translation and personal development with animals as our teachers. These workshops share her experience and wisdom in triggering powerful healing from a physical, emotional and spiritual perspective with creatures ranging from domestic companion animals to horses, camels and elephants. For more about Laura head here.

Animal Communication 2: Decoding - July 8-9th

This is the workshop that begins to look at the big picture of the symbolic messages animals share. You will learn to notice the differences in Animal frequencies and there will be a focus on Dogs, Cats and Horses as the framework of DeCoding is explored

This work is so important when assisting human and animal clients with Transition/Death work. But also when attempting to get to the bottom of the big themes and questions about the massive role animals play in our lives as teachers & healers.

Held at Firefly Farm in the Cowichan Valley on July 8-9th from 9:30-5:30pm.

Register by June 11th and save $110!

Register here or check out the FB Event Page.

Special Discount for Signing up for both courses!

A great option if you are wanting to complete the accredited 4-module Animal Translator program with One Spirit or pursue a rewarding career in animal communication and wellness. (Laura will be here next year to share the Module 3 and 4).

Register for both classes and save $80 ($1100 total for both courses)!

Newly Accredited Animal Translator Program

These two courses form the first part of our IICT Recognized Training, Animal Translator professional program running for the first time in 2017. The rest of the full Certificate will be offered in Canada in 2018 and also has online components. A full outline of the course is listed here.


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