Energy & Equus Workshop

Energy Medicine for Horse Lovers





This two-day workshop is designed to give horse lovers, equine therapists, equine professionals, and equine-facilitated coaches and therapists a powerful and practical foundation for incorporating energy medicine into their work with horses. Skeptics absolutely welcome! We’ll be exploring the rather mysterious meeting point of the physical and the energetic, and playing in territory that all of our horses feel very familiar and safe with, building new connections, both in our brain, in our body, and to our horses, as we go.

A thorough, informative and fascinating experience with Equine Sport Therapist Alexa Linton, as she curates the most essential information from her over 14 years working with energy medicine specifically with horses, and teaches how to weave this information into your current practice, animal relationships and more, to increase the amount of information received, improve your results and enhance your connection to your subtle senses and the horses in your life.

Topics covered will include:

  • Energetic self care, grounding and permissions
  • Applied Kinesiology and working with pendulums
  • Essential balancing techniques, working with pendulums,
  • Developing sense of feel (palpation), physically and energetically
  • Ting points and association meridian
  • Application of this work to nutrition, supplementation, flower essences, viscera, skeletal, fascia and muscle health, emotional balancing, and more.

This 2-day experience is open to all horse lovers and will be a rare opportunity to learn with Alexa, creator of the Whole Horse Podcast. We will be supported by the herd at Firefly Farm and our neighbouring herd – they are very excited to share this work with you!

You’ll love this training if you:

  • Have ever felt that intangible connection with your horses and wanted to understand it better
  • Have a sense your horse is trying to tell you things and you can’t figure out what they are!
  • Are an equine bodyworker who tends to feel  exhausted or “dumped” on by their clients
  • Do equine facilitated learning work and want energetic tools to keep their herd healthy
  • Find that your horse is negatively impacted by your emotional state
  • Find it hard to stay calm when your horse is anxious or stressed
  • Want to develop an even stronger “Jedi” connection with your horse

All participants will receive Alexa’s Kinetic Communication online course ($97 value) to support their learning in this area, as well as handy worksheets to further their skills.

Alexa’s going on tour! She’ll be sharing this workshop offering in Kamloops, Saskatchewan, and Maple Ridge, plus at home on Firefly Farm.

Here is her 2020 schedule…

Kamloops, BC – May 30-31, 2020, 9-5pm. Register here (local coordinator Robin Telchrib (250) 682-0602)

Harris, SK – June 5-6, 2020, 9-5pm. Register here (local coordinator Jana Hunter (306) 290-1963)

Maple Ridge, BC – June 13-14, 2020, 9-5pm. Register here (local coordinator Nafissa Shireen (604) 717-1977)

Cowichan Valley, BC – September 2020 (dates will be confirmed soon!)

Addresses will be shared upon registration, as all workshops will be held at private farms with small herds. If you have any questions regarding specific addresses prior to registration, don’t hesitate to send me an email!

Alexa will be available for session days, before and after workshop dates – details will be announced a little closer to the time. If you’d like to book yourself or your horse in with Alexa, reserve your space by emailing Alexa.

I was lucky enough to attend Alexa’s Kinetic communication and energy medicine workshop earlier this year and was so glad I did! The workshop was packed with learning on how to feel and assess energy in our horses and each other, how to muscle test and use a pendulum. Not to mention seeing some mind blowing healing sessions on the horses. I can highly recommend this workshop.


Harmony for Horses

Kamloops, BC

May 30-31st, 2020


Harris, SK

June 5-6th, 2020


Maple Ridge, BC

June 13-14th, 2020


Duncan, BC

September 2020