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From Broken to Better than Ever

A four week BodyTalk session series here at FireFly Farm for healing a broken heart starting May 28, 2014.
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Firefly Farm & Studio

Nestled in the Cowichan Valley. On the lake. Under the cedars. Down the farm lane. This is where the magic happens.
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Over the years, I have been asked what I do countless times. At parties, events, at the barn, in passing. Alexa, what is it that you do? Umm. well…

Witch doctor. Horse whisperer. That voodoo lady. Oh yeah. I’ve been called those. Then there’s the labels… Equine Sport Therapist, Kinesiologist, BodyTalker, Animal Communicator, Author, Teacher. And the elevators speeches. Well, I help so and so with such and such.

And then there’s what really is. Because none of that feels like it even comes close to expressing the truth…

When it comes to our animals and our connections with them we need to think and feel bigger, wider, broader. We are exploring uncharted territory beyond descriptives, beyond mere words and concepts.

Labels and taglines and short and sweet don’t add up to all the magic that pours forth when furry beings are involved. There is no possible way to put into words the power of deep and wordless knowing, of a gaze into your very soul, of that moment of connection with another being that is quite literally indescribable.

If you’re here you get it. Or you’ve caught glimpses. Flashes of truth born from a connection that so often runs deeper than blood, containing more love than you know what to do with, ripe with acceptance and authenticity.

What do I do? I am the bridge. The translator. I am whatever needs to be at that exact moment to connect one and one and make magic. Between animal and human, human and human, cell and cell.

Who are you? You are the seeker. The one that knows that behind those soft eyes and that furry exterior, your animals hold wisdom beyond description, beyond words. In them, you see a partner, a best friend, a teacher and much more. The one that knows that there is way more to all of this than meets the eye. Way more to your life, to your connections, to your body, to your world. You know, at your core, that your life is a dance and you’re finally ready to dance it.

Your life is waiting. And it is looking fabulous.

I can’t wait to introduce you. Start the process right here.


Alexa and the crew



Alexa working with Tess.

If you’re an animal lover, you’re in the right place. I would love to help you and your animals be your best – whether its a health concern, behavioural issue or a desire to deepen your understanding and partnership. With over a decade of work with thousands of animals and their people, I am passionate about providing you with insight, a way forward and powerful and lasting results, along with a partnership that can’t be beat. Learn more about my work with animals here.

1941336_10155230250090018_4670453009664167867_oI am so blown away by the potency of sessions with Alexa. She is very passionate and loves to bring in humour to balance out the wild and weird places that we can go to when we move through healing processes. She brings a lot of animal medicine with her in every session and there is a deep well of experience and wisdom that she shares in all of her offerings. She’s got a spark that lights up the world. Look out for her e-courses. They are so full of goodness. I highly recommend her work.

Christy Greenwood

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Someone told me something similar to this a while back...changed the way I view relationships foreve...

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Re-defining Diva 2-day Group Intensive

Join Alexa and her mare Diva at Firefly Farm for a weekend that can’t help but transform your world. If you’ve been struggling because you know you need to put yourself and your needs first, but you’re not even sure what you need or how to find out, then this is your weekend. You’ll leave with newfound clarity and a powerful perspective on why you matter and what to do about it. More details right here…

The Cowgirl Re-union with Alexa and Stefanie Travers

Imagine. Three days camped out in beautiful Merritt, BC with your horse, surrounded by nature and your fave gals, working with reknowned horse women Stefanie Travers and yours truly, with amazing riding adventures and hilarious times by day and campfires sweet dreams by night. If this sounds too good to be true, it’s not. And we’d love to see you there! Get all the details…

Equine Facilitated Light up with Diva and the herd

Horses are very cool. Not only are they like unicorns but they also have the ability to be a pure reflection of whatever is going on for you. What that means for you? Quantum leaps in your relationships, career and health, especially when combined with energy medicine. And you get to hang out with one of the coolest horses ever Diva (and yes, I am a bit biased). Get all lit up today.

All Lit Up 2-day Private Intensive

You might notice that I love getting my photo taken. I admit it. One big reason? I love my photographer Devon Gillott and how she really “sees” me. So I decided to bring her to the farm for a few very special clients for a 2 day Personal Retreat with yours truly. There are literally only 2 spaces available in 2015. Is one for you? Get all the details right here.


This is what makes it all worthwhile. I just love it when my community writes in about the cool stuff that’s happening in their lives since they’ve been doing this work! And we’re talking miracles. Read on for all the details!


All sorts of goodies to get your fire started. From kindling up to the spiritual equivalent of gasoline, its all here! And if you’re an animal lover, there’s definitely some great stuff in here for you!

Alexa's Blog

The latest and greatest from Alexa and her crew! Get all the good stuff you need to connect to your true nature, your animals and a life you love today. Read all about it.

Still not sure what I'm all about?

If you’re here, all the way down at the bottom of this page, its pretty likely that you are someone I want to work with! After all, you scrolled through the whole darn thing. But you may still be thinking…what is this energy medicine stuff, who is this Alexa person and what am I going to get out of all of this? That’s why I offer the free guidebook above (did you sign up yet?) and a completely no-strings-attached 15 minute strategy session – its a chance to meet me, Alexa, put a voice to the name, learn more and find out if we are a good fit for each other. If that sounds like the perfect plan, you can get signed up below…

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