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Over the years, I have been asked what I do countless times. At parties, events, at the barn, in passing. Alexa, what is it that you do? Umm. well…

Witch doctor. Horse whisperer. That voodoo lady. Oh yeah. I’ve been called those. Then there’s the labels… Equine Sport Therapist, Kinesiologist, BodyTalker, Animal Communicator, Author, Teacher.

It’s a bit hard to explain what I do. One client compared my work to her computer. “I don’t need to know how it works”, she said, “it just works.” And thank goodness it does. Because we all need support, and often much more than we would care to admit. And quantum-leaping energy medicine is just about as supportive, transformative and relaxing as it comes.

What I offer is energy work for real life. For you, for your animals, for your relationships, for your health, for navigating life’s inevitable and sometimes devastating transitions. Because there will be times when you need support. Like when your dog is driving you nuts. Or your teenager. Or your annoying inner critics. For when your horse is in pain. Or when you can’t seem to track down your inner spark. Life can feel endlessly challenging for all these reasons and more. As animal lovers, we are a paradox. We are ridiculously tough (stubborn even) and we are highly sensitive. And we often have a very hard time asking for help and receiving support, even though it might change everything for the better. It took a blown disc and almost a year of recuperation for me to figure this one out.

Animals are inextricably linked into how I work. Thirteen years ago, it was a horse named Dancer that led me to my path as an Equine Sport Therapist, and thousands of animals have been my teachers ever since. I have accepted my life-long obsession as more than that. Animals are, and forever will be, the foundation of my life’s work and of what inspires me to keep creating, learning, growing. My dog Kia lies on all of my clients for sessions, spreading the love. My mare Diva inspires my programs, my books and my dreams. My cat Parker challenges me daily into greater expansion, love and fearlessness. It’s very likely if you’re here that you have a beloved animal or two, and you get it, or you’re at least curious about the potential depths of this partnership.

Who are you? You are an animal lover, a steward, a seeker of a more peaceful, balanced existence. In animals, you see a partner, a best friend, a teacher and much more. Their health and well-being is high on the priority list and you’ve come to the realization that your state of health and happiness has an uncanny affect on theirs. And on a more practical note, you’re feeling more than done with moving through your life stressed out, exhausted, on edge and in a constant state of damage control.

What can I promise? That you will leave your session, course or experience with me a little more whole, a little more at peace, a little more vital and a whole lot more “in your skin” than when you began. That you may have even giggle-snorted in the process. And that your animals will be stoked about all of it.

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Alexa and the crew

PS. My home base is the Cowichan Valley, location of my home and clinic, where I see clients year-round. I also travel to see animal clients from Victoria to Qualicum Beach and work at a distance via Skype or phone. Talk soon!

What people are saying…

I am so blown away by the potency of sessions with Alexa. She is very passionate and loves to bring in humour to balance out the wild and weird places that we can go to when we move through healing processes. She brings a lot of animal medicine with her in every session and there is a deep well of experience and wisdom that she shares in all of her offerings. She’s got a spark that lights up the world. Look out for her e-courses. They are so full of goodness. I highly recommend her work.

Christy Greenwood

Alexa’s a natural and gifted healer and teacher. She’s passionate about her work, insightful and wise. This bright light shines through all that she offers. She’s also a warm and wonderful human being.

Fiona Mayhill

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Animal teachers: Exploring self-destruction with a Shetland pony

Shetlands get a bad rap. I’ll admit to weak moments myself, and the utterance of strings of profanities that would make a sailor blush, when faced with the sheer brilliance and equal stubbornness of the Shetland pony in my care. He escapes from everything, destroys lovely expensive muzzles like a man with a plan, moves his current roundpen home mind-blowing distances daily with his neck and sheer determination, constantly finds the most trouble possible, breaks latches, pees on his hay and generally is one or two steps ahead of his person and I. In the same paragraph as I admit frustration, I’ll also admit mad respect. This pony is undeniably committed and he’s got the smarts to back it up. His main commitment? Read on to find out!

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Hardness, softness, wholeness, coolness (and scholarships)…

This week, like much of the world, I was rocked by the tragedy in Florida. And then awed by the response, by the action of the survivors, by the voices rising up in unison. It is a powerful time in this world. A time where politicians “thoughts & prayers” are being called out as the farce they are, and action is being demanded. It is a vast contrast from life on the farm, and yet, it speaks to so many aspects of our world, where those in charge resist necessary change and the wave of support for something different, something more loving, rises like a tsunami to meet them. My deepest love and support goes to those impacted by this tragedy.
In my own little nook of the world, I dream of stricter gun laws and the end of machine guns in the hands of civilians AND I also dream of something else, seemingly unrelated, an inside-out change in the way we live and work with horses. When I check in with my spirit, it shares that my own unique way to be impactful in the world is this.

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The essentialness of self care when your pet is dying and it’s the last thing on your mind.

I keep telling myself that I wrote a book on this stuff and I should be more sorted. Ironically though, in my book, I write about the importance letting yourself blubbery, snotty mess. About taking the time you need to let things move and sort and digest and release. I write a lot about self-care and about our own unique process (and how it looks different from everyone else’s). This week I took my own advice.

Let me tell you about it, this surreal week of mine. I feel like I’ve had about 16 baths (it was probably closer to 6 but they’ve been really really long, so long my hands and feet turn into raisins). I just want warmth. And Netflix. Both of those things. Kia and I have been doing some good cuddling. I have been hiking with Reilly. I have been dancing most mornings, in my kitchen, to my besties excellent Spotify playlists. I have been still and quiet. I crave manure to pick (come on ponies produce!). I have eaten my weight in chocolate and twist of lime tortilla chips (damn, they are good). I have been counting Kia’s breaths per minute several times a day and mildly obsessive about her breathing the remainder of the day. I have been dreaming up article titles like this one. Riding Diva bareback. Talking to girlfriends over hot chocolate. Crying. Planning where she will be buried and her ceremony, complete with which bulbs I need to plant (this redhead is very specific). Crying some more. Opening up space for people Kia and I haven’t seen in a while to come visit. I allowed myself to be whatever and wherever I needed to be, in preparation for all of it. In preparation for being the best steward for her that I possibly could be. As it turns out, and as I suspected, my self care is entwined with my ability to care for her – the paradoxical, beautiful truth.

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The Story of Kia

As I write her story, or my version of her story, my red-headed firecracker of a pomeranian cross Kia struggles to catch her breath. Despite her stubbornness and her unwillingness to accept what is, her heart is failing and it is deteriorating daily. This morning she came close to fainting, her body collapsing, her breath gurgling, her eyes glazing. She struggles and yet, she fights, or she does one better, she lives fully and with abandon, just as she’s always done.

When Kia came into my life she was just six months old, tenacious, territorial, and, quite frankly, a bit of a shit. She had been rescued by a friend and client, and bore the marks of crate bars on her nose, which she still carries today. To say she was poorly socialized in her first six months would be an understatement, and to this day, I thank the lord she is less than twenty pounds and adorable (there’s a reason one of her nicknames is ankle biter). But, like her adopted mother Elaine, her heart was as big as the sun and her love ran deep and strong.

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