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Over the years, I have been asked what I do countless times. At parties, events, at the barn, in passing. Alexa, what is it that you do? Umm. well…

Witch doctor. Horse whisperer. That voodoo lady. Oh yeah. I’ve been called those. Then there’s the labels… Equine Sport Therapist, Kinesiologist, BodyTalker, Animal Communicator, Author, Teacher.

It’s a bit hard to explain what I do. One client compared my work to her computer. “I don’t need to know how it works”, she said, “it just works.” And thank goodness it does. Because we all need support, and often much more than we would care to admit. And quantum-leaping energy medicine is just about as supportive, transformative and relaxing as it comes.

What I offer is energy work for real life. For you, for your animals, for your relationships, for your health, for navigating life’s inevitable and sometimes devastating transitions. Because there will be times when you need support. Like when your dog is driving you nuts. Or your teenager. Or your annoying inner critics. For when your horse is in pain. Or when you can’t seem to track down your inner spark. Life can feel endlessly challenging for all these reasons and more. As animal lovers, we are a paradox. We are ridiculously tough (stubborn even) and we are highly sensitive. And we often have a very hard time asking for help and receiving support, even though it might change everything for the better. It took a blown disc and almost a year of recuperation for me to figure this one out.

Animals are inextricably linked into how I work. Thirteen years ago, it was a horse named Dancer that led me to my path as an Equine Sport Therapist, and thousands of animals have been my teachers ever since. I have accepted my life-long obsession as more than that. Animals are, and forever will be, the foundation of my life’s work and of what inspires me to keep creating, learning, growing. My dog Kia lies on all of my clients for sessions, spreading the love. My mare Diva inspires my programs, my books and my dreams. My cat Parker challenges me daily into greater expansion, love and fearlessness. It’s very likely if you’re here that you have a beloved animal or two, and you get it, or you’re at least curious about the potential depths of this partnership.

Who are you? You are an animal lover, a steward, a seeker of a more peaceful, balanced existence. In animals, you see a partner, a best friend, a teacher and much more. Their health and well-being is high on the priority list and you’ve come to the realization that your state of health and happiness has an uncanny affect on theirs. And on a more practical note, you’re feeling more than done with moving through your life stressed out, exhausted, on edge and in a constant state of damage control.

What can I promise? That you will leave your session, course or experience with me a little more whole, a little more at peace, a little more vital and a whole lot more “in your skin” than when you began. That you may have even giggle-snorted in the process. And that your animals will be stoked about all of it.

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Alexa and the crew

PS. My home base is the Cowichan Valley, location of my home and clinic, where I see clients year-round. I also travel to see animal clients from Victoria to Qualicum Beach and work at a distance via Skype or phone. Talk soon!

What people are saying…

I am so blown away by the potency of sessions with Alexa. She is very passionate and loves to bring in humour to balance out the wild and weird places that we can go to when we move through healing processes. She brings a lot of animal medicine with her in every session and there is a deep well of experience and wisdom that she shares in all of her offerings. She’s got a spark that lights up the world. Look out for her e-courses. They are so full of goodness. I highly recommend her work.

Christy Greenwood

Alexa’s a natural and gifted healer and teacher. She’s passionate about her work, insightful and wise. This bright light shines through all that she offers. She’s also a warm and wonderful human being.

Fiona Mayhill

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The unruly path between owner and steward…a personal account…

You may have witnessed me waxing poetic about my lofty goal of transforming the perceived experience of sharing space with an animal from owner to steward or caregiver or person or, really, anything other than owner. That word gets under my skin. Owner. It’s like that zit that won’t give me the satisfaction of popping, it just brews and stews and generally acts like, well, terrible. So you might say, the term holds a little charge, and with good reason. Under that title, animals have been neglected and abused and oppressed and, in general, treated like lesser beings for thousands of years.

Owner denotes power, dominance, replaceability, repression and oppression. It speaks of a living breathing feeling being as a piece of property. It screams inequality. You bet your bottom dollar this word and all it represents gets under my skin (and yes, I am a big fan of musicals, but I have a feeling you’re not the least bit surprised).

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Does your horse have choice? An exploration of touch and consent…

Yesterday, I had the chance to work with an amazing mare. Ever since beginning of my career as an equine sport therapist in 2003, each horse I meet builds on my knowledge and understanding, and over the almost 14 years since it’s become increasingly obvious that each horse is a unique individual, with their own preferences, quirks, conditioning and genetic legacy. Every day, at the risk of sounding cheesy, I am humbled to be allowed to work with them and by their generosity in sharing wisdom and understandings that, I hope, contribute to me being a better human being. My love of horses is a deep, deep well, a constant filling of my cup.

Alright, enough of the sappyness and back to my story. I relate this particular story partially because of the rising awareness around touch and consent in human beings and where the line is, and partially because very little has been said about this subject when it comes to animals, particularly horses.

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How do you know if you’ve found your heart horse?

When did you discover your horse obsession? For me, the age is unknown (I was wee), only the feeling. A feeling of utter awe and inexplicable understanding. A feeling right in the centre of me that knew that these powerful creatures would be my north star from this day forward.

Thousands of wheelbarrow loads of poop, rides, grooming sessions, hay bales, hoof pickings, dollars spent and bum rubs later, and the addiction does not appear to be fading. On the contrary, it seems to be picking up steam. It may have a little something to do with my mare Diva meandering her way into my life and heart almost exactly 13 years ago and flipping my world, quite literally, on it’s head. Perhaps?

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In the aftermath…Navigating the empty nest that is pet loss

Last February in Perth, Australia, at a workshop based on my book, Death Sucks: A Straight-Up Guide to Navigating Your Pet’s Final Transition, two amazing women arrived from Singapore to steal away all of our hearts. And in the process, we learned of Hope, a dog that had been a transformational whirlwind in their lives, the light of their life, the inspiration for their careers, and the focus of their last several years. Her care, her needs, and her very presence were all very big. Hope was, during our time together at the workshop, in the last months of her life before making her final transition. These two women had come to the workshop to be with their grief, to understand how to let go, and to prepare themselves for the inevitable. She had been on the verge of this final transition for quite some time, in the space I often refer to as the peaks and valleys. It wasn’t until several months after they returned home that she finally expressed her readiness to let her very well-used dog body go. With the help of a dear friend and veterinarian, these two women said goodbye to Hope in the most beautiful way imaginable, showering her in love and blessings, rose petals and prayer flags. Hope, a rescue that had seen the worst of the human race, parted this world knowing a depth of love that many of us only dream of.

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Animal Translator Laura Bird is coming to Canada for two workshops July 2017 at Firefly Farm! Join us July 1-2 for Animal Communication 1: Activation or July 8-9 for Animal Communication 2: Decoding. All the details here.

My new book, “Death Sucks: A Straight-Up Guide to Navigating Your Pet’s Final Transition,” is out and available on Amazon, Kindle and for bulk orders!

Need a gift? Brand new gift certificates are here! (email Alexa to order)

Need a retreat on a beautiful horse farm in a beautiful healing place? Come unwind at Firefly Farm in the Cowichan Valley. One day and multiple day retreat packages are available from May to October. Contact Alexa for more details.

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An invite to spend your Thanksgiving weekend giving back to your animals! This is my first official time teaching this course which means great incentives for you (lower price plus bonuses), a small group of some of my favourite animal lovers and potentially hilarious bloopers. There are two spaces left! Register by emailing me at
Hope to see you there!
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Animal Communication Level 1 Workshop: Activation with Alexa Linton

October 7, 2017, 9:00am - October 8, 2017, 7:00pm

An exciting tidbit of news...I am now able to teach One Spirit's Level 1 Activation course of her ne...

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Still three spaces remaining for this exciting offering! My first time sharing this content lovingly created by Laura Bird of One Spirit as a part of her now accredited Animal Communication program. This class has a max of 10 participants and the investment is almost $200 less than my regular price for this class (because it's my first one!). As a added bonus, each participant will receive my Kinetic Communication online course to support their intuitive growth and trust building. Register below or by emailing me at ... See MoreSee Less

Animal Communication Level 1 Workshop: Activation with Alexa Linton

October 7, 2017, 9:00am - October 8, 2017, 7:00pm

An exciting tidbit of news...I am now able to teach One Spirit's Level 1 Activation course of her ne...

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